• 100% Natural warm Merinowool from Australia and New Zealand
  • Intelligent Body Temperature Control
  • Does not stink when sweating
  • Not Itchy
  • No Polyester, No Chemical ingredients, 100% mother nature
  • Heats when wet
  • Antibacterial and Antimicrobial
  • Easy care, machine washable @ 40°C
  • 100% Renewable/Biodegradable
  • UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) RATED > 50+



Our wool
Our sourcing starts with the right quality merino fibre. Merinopower has a network of wool buyers attending wool auctions in Australia and New Zealand. They see every bale of wool that passes through, and when the strict specifications for Merinopower are met, they buy on a bale by bale basis. There is never any second best or compromise.

Our Dynatorque™ spinning technology
Few understand that yarn is the most critical element in building functional fabrics with next to skin comfort, long lasting wear and superior washability. Our attention to yarn is what sets Merinopower apart from every other merino wool brand, giving our garments quality and consistency from “sheep to shelf”. Our proprietary dynatorque™ yarn balance technology combined with our technical expertise allow Merinopower to knit fabrics that are lighter, more functional, more progressive and with the softest handfeel available on the market.


High torque
Try twisting a piece of yarn around and around and around until it is very tight. This is known as “High Torque” and is how our competitors make theirmerino yarns. When merino thread is spun very tight with high‐torque, it becomes brittle and breaks more often. This causes itchy broken fibers,holes in the garments that constantly want to unravel ‐ dramatically reducing the lifetime of the clothing.

Now twist the same piece of yarn slowly and not very tight (barely taught). This is dynatorque™ , which creates a very soft and relaxed garment. It doesn’t break and doesn’t begin to itch‐ and dramatically increases the lifetime of the clothing.


Soft hand — Most say Merinopower is the softest Merino clothing!

Out of the wash ready
The “sprung” look of other merino next to skin garments is due to the High Tension (Torque) of the yarn/threads. Merinopower is made under dynatorque™ and does not need the special treatment or hanging. This clearly seen when you take Merinopower out of the washer and it’s wrinkle free, soft and ready.

Merinopower garments are stronger and will last longer and take more of what your adventures dish out because dynatorque™ threads don’t break as often like High Torque threads. This dramatically lengthens the lifecycle of Merinopower.

Itch free for life
A merino thread is made of many merino fibers woven together. As the wool threads break down, the many‐many little fibers woven together begin to break like split ends. High Torque merino is more prone to breaking. This is what makes wool feel itchy. Merinopower does not suffer this broken, and then itchy, fate. It’s itch free for life.